Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas feasts

 Christmas this year was a never ending food fest. Simply put, we ate too much. But it was fun. A dinner party with the Providers at RMC found us at Jaker's. It was a fun laugh filled night. 
 My Dad and Barb came to visit. We stopped into Stockman's for a superb steak dinner. For dessert we shared a piece of chocolate cake. It was a monster so four of us shared it. It is a 7 layer fudge chocolate cake. 
 Before and after. We could have taken before and after pictures of our bellies from this Holiday Season. I think we will skip that photo op. 


barbchuck said...

You beat me to it, Mary. I'm going to try to get mine out this afternoon. Today we are going to try to take down all our Christmas decorations(while watching football). It always makes me sad. I love everything about Christmas!

Beth said...

Are you sure thats not the whole cake. Looks divinely yummy.