Sunday, January 01, 2012

And That's What It's All About!

So the year 2011 is in the past. It was a good year. In the end it was family, good friends and fine food that put the finishing touch on our year. 
 The picture on our hall table shows a Christmas from many years ago. We sure looked a lot younger back then.
We found ourselves all alone on Christmas this year. I have to say it was a delightful time. We would not want to be alone every year but we did have a nice peaceful Christmas. We went visiting friends and family on Christmas Eve. We visited other friends who were alone. We laughed and shared ideas for those of us spending Christmas home alone. 
The Zollinger clan gathered at Glen and Maryanne's house for a great Mexican food feast. 
 I guess I should say that we were not entirely alone. Kitty aka Leslie aka Creepy was with us. She is 19 years old so not sure how many more Christmases she will be with us. 

 Jeff has perfected scrambled eggs. He made us a perfect breakfast. 
 New Years Eve was not so quiet. We had a house full of family. To celebrate we had a sundae bar. It was a hit. Charlie and Jake loved the sprinkles on their sundaes. 
 The girls like the whipped cream. 
 The men liked it all. 
 We played games. 
 It was a hot night of scum. Nobody wanted to be scum. The winner got to take home the Tower of Chocolate. I vowed to be rid of all the candy by the end of the year. 
 Card sharks!
 And the winner is....Congratulations!
 Amazingly almost everyone disappeared at 5 minutes to midnight. These three guys waited to watch the ball drop and bring in 2012 with me. 
And that's what it's all about!


barbchuck said...

Wow! You are on the ball to get this blog completed so quickly. It sounds as if you all had a fun New Year party. We were sorry to have missed Andy, Lynn, and clan this year, and we have never seen all of Megan's family, except through blogs. I am still working on our Rexburg visit blog.

Garden of Egan said...

Looks like a ton of serious fun!
I'm not sure that anyone has more adventures than you.

Hopefully Jeff didn't suffer serious injury from his shift today. We were pretty hard on him.

Beth said...

Its amazing to see how the family is growing up Looks like a fun New Years Party

Rachel said...

Oh fun! I'm sad we couldn't be there. Seriously sad. Looks like a blast.