Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Our very fast trip to Asuncion Paraguay

The latest NRT trip took us to Asuncion Paraguay. We taught one course this time over two days. It took us two days to get there from Idaho Falls. A rather grueling trip. We have a 6 hour lay over i Sao Paulo Brazil after the overnight flight. We crashed on the couches in the Delta Crown room. 

A random picture from the plane in Ciudad Del Este. They appeared to be practicing o this 747. 
One thing they do very well in Asuncion is food. This was at a Parilla. They bring so many kinds of meat fresh off the grill. The best selection is the pineapple from the grill. 
 There was very little time to do anything but teach. It is however mandatory to make a stop at the Artisan shops. That is tourist trap in English. 
 We glanced up in a shadier part of town and saw these Greek statues up on the roof. 
 Dr. Perez chatting with the guy who is trying to sell "Rolex" watches. You know the kind they hide under their coats. 
After two days of teaching we spent two days getting back home. There was a spectacular view of the Tetons on our final approach. The windmills made an interesting addition to the picture. 

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