Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our crazy weekends

 We have a busy busy life. Weekends are no exception. No sleeping in, no weekends off. This weekend had another adventure for us. We woke up early (6 ish) Saturday morning to a howling winter storm. The kind that causes the power to go out. So we decided to just go to the Temple because they did have power. We stumbled around in the dark to get ready. Jeff could not find his wallet which had both of our recommends in it. So we climbed the ladder in the garage by lantern light to release the garage door. Our plan was to go to the office to see if the wallet was there. As soon as the garage door came down we realized we could not get back in as we did not have the keys nor the garage door opener due to no power. Jeff even tried to break in through windows. No wallet to be found at the office. (We eventually found it slid down in a chair). So we sat in the driveway for quite a while waiting for power. I finally said lets go see if we can get into the Temple. Nobody answered at the Bishops or Stake Presidents. We went and as we were talking to the front desk (who had no sympathy for our story). Just then President Anderson walked out and we were able to get in. 
True love makes days like this an adventure rather than a trial. 
We finished just in time to dash to Idaho Falls for our first Mac (Apple)  lesson. A wonderful one hour one on one lesson for us. We bought five of them in a package. The guy was amazing and we learned a lot. Can't wait for the next lesson. 
 Last weekend was also adventurous. We bought plane tickets to Boise for Graces baptism. We were tired from traveling and decided flying would give us a little break. Not to be. A major winter storm canceled the flight and we ended up driving. Driving in  the same blizzard. We finally pulled over in Twin Falls and got a room. The next morning we got up and finished the drive to Boise. 
 It was a nice weekend with lots of Grand kids and family. Grace was well supported by family for her baptism. 
 The weekend before that was our trip back from Paraguay. This picture caused a lot of interest on Face book. People chimed in about me taking pictures from the airplane while coming in to land. The picture below was of another spectacular Rexburg sunset. The sky seemed to glow for a few minutes. Wonder what next weekend will bring?

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Garden of Egan said...

Those pictures are fabulous.

Ya, remind me to never go anywhere with you. You never have a normal trip.