Monday, August 15, 2011

Life is Good: Elk Creek Ranch Part 1

 Welcome to Elk Creek Ranch. This year we decided to spend a few days with the family at this fun place in Island Park. It is owned by Jeff's cousin. Elk Creek Ranch is rustic, just like cabins should be. I have always loved lakes and docks. 
 There are plenty of boats and canoes so every spare minute was spent on the lake. 

 Most people come here to fish. That includes the birds. This Osprey caught a fish so big he had a difficult time getting it out of the water. 
 The dining room is lined with wild animals. This one kind of freaked me out. What is with the legs??? Do not be fooled however. The food here is the finest. Best part is no cooking or cleaning up for me or anyone else. We had Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, pork medallions and the last night Filet Mignon. Lunch and breakfast are also included. Home made rolls and desserts are included in every meal.
 Grant happily rowed all the cousins around the lake. 
 We went on a hike at Harriman Park. Some of the kids shed their shoes at Silver Lake and went wading in the water. Jake is hanging upside down because his mom is picking leaches off of his feet. 
 Hiking down the road with their sack lunches. We tried but it was hard to wear this bunch of kids out.  

 Check out the bats hanging upside down with their heads sticking out of the bat house.
 The Harriman Park tour was actually very interesting. These girl cousins were very attentive during the tour. 
 Mommy daughter picture. 
 Coming fresh off of Girls Camp I was full of activity ideas. We tie dyed 30 t-shirts. They actually all turned out really cute. A very talented bunch of tie dyers. 
Fishing was amazing. If you take note their are fish on every line. Big fish. Rob and Andy are doing fish hook duty. 


Leslie said...

You are a great party planner! We loved spending time there, it was a beautiful place and we have the best family!

bBchronicles said...

That definitely looks FUN and I'd love to look into it! Might be giving you a call!!!! FUN photos - great memories!

barbchuck said...

Everyone is every picture seems to be having SUCH a great time! It is wonderful to see so many happy faces. What a good looking, healthy, fit family! The best part, Mary, is the fact that you didn't have to cook, clean, or wash. YOU got to play, too!

Elder and Sister Webster said...

Fish! You actually caught fish?
Good job.