Thursday, August 18, 2011

Elk Creek Ranch Part 2

As you already know we did tie dyed shirts. Can you believe how cute they all turned out? We had plenty of room for the kids (and mosquitoes) to run around. 
The Jones Family
Andy and Lynn decide to do the cammo colored shirts. Can you find them in the picture? They said they did it to hide from their kids. 
The Clark Family
It was non stop fun for all the girls. Do you see Big Foot in the background?

The Hurst Family
The Harris Family
Unfortunately Todd had to work this week in Taiwan. So he missed the big tie dye convention. So they held his shirt in the picture. 
The Jack Zollinger Family
Every night was a full moon spectacular. 
How did we get to be the oldies so quickly? At least we are hip old people. 

We had the talent show and everyone took part. It was some major talent let me tell you. Not to mention all the piano solos during dinner. 

The group shot. Morning sun was hard to work with. However all the kids were very cooperative. 
Andy Rachel Mary Leslie in full hippie garb.
The Baldwin Family
On Saturday afternoon we rented rafts and floated down the river to Mack's Inn. 
Our boat had a theme song. Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey hey hey gooood bye! We sang that out as we passed them by. 
The kids did not mind waiting for boats. They swam, caught minnows and tadpoles. 

The kids took turns riding inner tubes behind the rafts. That was sometimes an adventure when they turned up too far back. So we tied them on to the rafts. 
The Dining Room. Food was plentiful and delicious. A room fit for thirty of us. 


Leslie said...

That's a lot of stinky hippies....

Beth said...

You are the hippest oldies I know. And what a beautiful family you have. It's fun to see each family and how they've all grown up.I love the shirts.

I was wondering if you ever caught Big Foot?

Rachel said...

It was a great party. Thanks for all your help organizing it! I dig our family.

Elder and Sister Webster said...

Wow, what a great time you all had. Its great being able to be a part of it by checking your blog. Love your all your kids! Happy that you could spend time with them.

barbchuck said...

Wonderful pictures! It is nice to have the updated versions of each of the separate families. The shirts turned out great. My favorite one is Isaac's. What a bunch of great-looking people!