Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two days in Los Angeles

 For Jeff's birthday this year I surprised him with tickets to see Hair Spray in the Hollywood Bowl. A quick flight from Idaho Falls and we were in LA in time for lunch. Jeff had seen a place called Phillipe's on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. It is famous for French Dip Sandwiches. Guess where we went for lunch? 
 It was in downtown LA and is kind of a dive. 
 The French Dips were divine. So was the chocolate cream pie. 

 That very night we went to a place close to Todd's work. Again a fab meal. Rachel and the girls split a Kobe beef hamburger. They say it was the best burger they had eaten. I would not know as I do not eat hamburgers. Never have, never will. 
 Lily had a birthday. No monkey parties any more. 
 We had never seen the Hollywood Bowl. It was amazing. The weather was perfect. I love Hair Spray. It was great to see it on stage. There was a star studded cast. 

 To top the trip off we rode the bus in from El Segundo to Hollywood. Jeff loves to ride buses. The girls not so much. That is what we did with our two days in LA. 


Beth said...

Fun!!! Lily looks so grown up, I guess thats what birthdays do to you. You find the funnest things to do.

barbchuck said...

I'm with the girls on the bus idea. Love the hats! They make the girls look so sophisticated. That Kobe burger looks divine. How fun to sit outside to see Hairspray! It looks like a fun time. Happy Birthday, Lilly!

Leslie said...

looks like a blast!