Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some everyday sights around Beijing

 Gary and Jeff (not my Jeff) did some hard bargaining with the ladies selling hats at the bus door. In the end they did not buy the hats. 

 Old Chinese neighborhood against the new high rises. 

 Gary Summers celebrated his birthday on the Red Bus. 
 Jim Tyndal, the owner of the Funforless Tour company we went with. 
 Taichi in the park with the locals. 
 The park is full of people enjoying the day. Many play games, do exercises, visit with friends. The men crochet hats and sweaters. 

 Jeff and Mary
 Chuck and Linda
 Shan and Gary

 What a novel idea, wheel chair and bike combo. 
Stretching in the park. The Chinese are very limber at any age. 

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bBchronicles said...

FUN photos! Thanks for sharing.