Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beijing silk rugs and the Summer Palace

 We had a very busy day in Beijing. After seeing the Forbidden City we went to a silk rug factory. I know they con you into buying rugs but the rug we bought is really beautiful and I love it. It has dragons on it. The rug above takes 18 months to make. 
 The rug showroom had hundreds of beautiful rugs. 
 The rug that we bought. 
 We had wonderful guides in each city who taught us so much about China. This is Nena in Beijing. She loves her country and told us not to feel sorry for them. She said China is evolving and getting better. 
 The Summer Palace was on a beautiful lake. We rode the dragon boat out to it. 

 This is a marble boat. Of course it does not really float. It was used for parties and outdoor dining. They said that the empress would sit with her back to the lake and a huge mirror in front of her. She would look at herself sitting in front of the beautiful lake. 
 There was a long covered walk way with all of these beautiful painted panels over head. 

 A group of cute ladies were also sight seeing at the same time as us. 
This is the ceiling on the dragon boat. 

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Leslie said...

Where are you going to put the dragon rug? What is the Summer Palace?