Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dominican Republic wrap up

Here is another shot of the Missionaries mostly from Haiti just before they left the MTC in Santo Domingo. 
These Doctors are looking at the new mannequins. 

We hired this man to guard our vehicle while we had a little Chinese food for dinner. I can hear you all thinking this is a joke. It is not. 
I spend eight hours a day in a chair doing tests, spreadsheets and making certificates. This is where I spent two days. I really cannot leave it because of the risk of things like computers being stolen. Folding chairs are hard on ones back and posture. 
Some of our students. The cute lady in yellow was so determined to have a conversation with me. We managed to have a little discussion between our limited knowledge of each others language and some help from friends. 
Cheryl helping teach at her practice station. 
We stopped at a little stand to buy Mango's in a very poor area. Two hours later we were eating dinner in a fancy mall. They had a car show which Jeff had fun at.  


Only Girl said...

thats crazy i think i would have passed on the chinese food!!!!

Garden of Egan said...

For some reason I believe you and the gun thing.
It ain't Rexburg for sure.

Looks like you accomplished a ton.

I love the pictures. The people are so beautiful.

Elder and Sister Webster said...

Aha! Found you, leave it to you to be where the excitement is..........