Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Teaching NRT First Day in DR

 The people we meet and work with are so great. Cheryl has been with us on a couple of trips. Lynn is the Director of Humanitarian Services for the LDS Church and came with us to see for himself how NRT programs are in reality. Jeff and Cheryl taught him to intubate this afternoon. We are hoping for a smooth day tomorrow.  
 Pedro is one of the local Doctors who is a wonderful instructor. 
 Outside of our window at the course is a cashew tree. Funny little critters. I never knew how they grew. 

 Wade joined us from Arizona. So many talented and willing people come and donate their time and talents to teach NRT. Below are all the U.S. members. Following the course we visited the LDS Temple in Santo Domingo and then had a yummy dinner. 

It rains everyday right now and my skin is soaking up all of the moisture. My hair is not doing so well. To top it off we had a power outage this morning just as I was going to put on my makeup. Unfortunately when it came back on I had forgotten to do the makeup . When I looked in a mirror this afternoon I realized what I had done. I am kind of acquiring the jungle girl look here. 

Tomorrow will be a long long day as we finish up and then drive to another city called San Francisco de Maricos up north from here. I love the drives because you get to see so many different things in the country. 
Elder and Sister Atkinson, Cheryl, Mary, Jeff, Wade and Lynn. 


Rachel said...

Was Jeff a hog in fresh poop with all those fresh cashews?!

barbchuck said...

Ineresting about the cashew tree!

I lvoe the new skirt. It makes me wish even more that I had one, too!

MZB said...

be careful on your drives!

Beth said...

Jungle Girl......ha, ha, ha. That I'd like to see.