Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hong Kong and China trip

It's very difficult to use the Internet in Hong Kong. Facebook and blogs especially so I have a secret agent helping me out in the States. I'm emailing photos to her and she's blogging them for me. Thank you stealthy helper. It will probably get much more difficult when we arrive in China tomorrow.

It is 5 am here. I woke up at 4. It has been rainy, sometimes down pouring. It is still warm, though. We walk for hours sometimes in the rain. Today we are going to the Temple and try to find my nephew, Carston, who is serving in the Hong Kong mission office (located at the temple). Not sure if we'll find him.

We meet up with the tour group tonight and pick up the suits the guys ordered.

Off to China in the morning. We bus to Schenzen and see an Epcot Center type park. We'll then fly to the city called Guilan. We get on a boat the next day for a cruise on the famous Li river where all the misty rock formations are. Having lots of fun!

This picture is along the harbor from the Kowloon side. The view of Hong Kong is one of the prettiest on earth. All the buildings do light shows. They change colors and patterns. It is warm and balmy. A beautiful evening until the rain came down in torrents. There was lots of lightening adding to the beauty.

Jeff watching a boat in the harbor
This man makes these noodles by hand in an amazing display of dough and fancy finger work.

Of course we had to hit the streets to do a little shopping. Here are Jeff and Gary shopping for golden trinkets.
Reminds us of the store that burnt down in Driggs. Could use a little organization.
This is the entrance to a Buddhist temple.

  Coils of burning incense. They pay for these to burn along with prayers for something they need or want.

Offerings at the alter

  Our group and a friend from Hong Kong who spent the day with us showing us around.

We rode the famous escalators up. You ride them up the mountain in the day and then at night they reverse. Takes a half hour to ride them all the way up.

 Here are some old steps we walked up. There are pockets of old in the modern city.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep sending photos back home to keep this updated.


shan said...

Good job secret poster!

Leslie said...

The photos of Hong Kong at night are unreal! I thought you had doctored them to make them so vivid and colorful, but I guess not?
Update us about whether or not you found Carsten!