Saturday, January 08, 2011

I resolve in 2011...

2010 was a pretty good year as far as years go. No extreme drama (I cannot put no drama at all because drama follows us around). I am satisfied with no extreme drama. 
In 2010 we traveled to some of the worlds most beautiful places and decided we like doing that. So for 2011 we chose China as our trip. We are very excited to see the sites of China. There is so much culture and history there. 
I resolve to learn all that I can about this massive part of the world called China. 

We are going to continue our NRT trainings. We are assigned Dominican Republic, Peru, Argentina and Paraguay.  Rosetta Stone here I come. I will work on it. If I traded my Face Book time for Spanish time I could probably be fluent. I want to learn Spanish so I can communicate with all of the really nice people we work with in South America. 
I resolve to learn some more Spanish.

I have been working hard on reforming my body. I am going to push myself harder and grow some real muscles. Home grown in the basement. I can do it. 
I resolve to achieve the body of my imagination. 

I have a multitude of mini projects going. I really really want to finish them up. 
I resolve to make a list of the things I want to finish and mark them off this year. 

OK I am done with my 2011 list. If I can get to these things then I am going to be really proud of myself. I will be posting my successes and struggles this year. Happy New Year!

The picture above was taken in Ayacucho Peru at the site of a famous Inca battle. 


Garden of Egan said...

I'm gonna try and follow your worthy example.
What time does the basement gym open?
0430 you say? Awesome. Should I ring or pound on the door?

bBchronicles said...

I'm impressed! I KNOW that IF I give up my FB time, my 'Pig-Latin' should improve substantially AND for growing muscles well, my soup cans and milk jugs aren't cutting it any longer! "GO 2011, GO Mary!"

Anonymous said...

That was an excellently written essay, thank you so much.