Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wintery day in Rexburg

 It is really really winter here in Rexburg. Snow is piled deep and the fog is thick. We did venture out a couple of blocks to see Christian playing basketball. He might not be the tallest but he tries the hardest. Good job!

 It has been snowing for days and now has turned to a mist. So my ski's are sitting idle on the front porch. The lights in the background are how far away the ski course is. Cool. 

 It is beautiful outside. The fog makes everything so quite and peaceful. 
This weeks snowfall is piling up. More is on the way. I know every winter we think there is more than usual but really I do believe this winter is going to be an extra snowy one. 


Garden of Egan said...

That is a lot of snow!
It has been beautiful.

I think the snowplow driver grinned a lot last night as he plowed in my driveway.

Rachel said...

LOVE the pics of Christian! Made me miss that little turkey.

Get someone up on that roof with a shovel!

barbchuck said...

Christian looks like a real hustler on the courts. Good action shots, Mary. I am sorry you are still having cold and snow. We have had some glorious, sunny days . . . finally! I can't tell you how good it feels. It makes me soar with happiness!

Leslie said...

It's hard to imagine having our fun, hot summer parties on that patio when it is under so much snow and ice. Gross!!!!