Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 ends on a wintry but happy note.

 The year 2010 is now over. We had a great week. My Dad and Barb came to visit and ended up being snowed in here for an extra day. They are Californians and not used to so much snow and wind. We had a pretty good snow storm to entertain them with. 
 We got a parting picture and by time we got Meika the dog to look at the camera we did not notice that my Dad was not looking. 
 Jeff and I did not feel like doing much New Years Eve. We worked until about 1 and then decided to just head out for a ride not sure where we would end up. We drove up the hills behind Idaho Falls to see what the wind mills look like up close. You can see them stretching for miles. It was frigidly cold as in -10. It was very beautiful. The wind mills are huge, very deceiving. They are everywhere up there. Hundreds of them. See the phone line in comparison below. They make kind of an eery noise. 

 We found some "spare" parts. See Jeff standing by one of the blades? They are huge. 

So another year comes to an end. It was a good year. We had fun with family and friends. We traveled the world. Spain, Italy, France, Malta, Tunisia Africa, Dominican Republic, Peru, Hawaii, New York City, El Segundo, Orlando and many trips to Salt Lake City and Boise. 
Jeff finally got both of his knees replaced. 
We now have 15 amazing grandchildren. 
Health Care is challenging and keeps us on our toes. There are many changes ahead. 
Best of all we have each other to share all of our adventures. 
Life is Good!


Garden of Egan said...

Happy New year!

I guess if you have traveled the world, the windmills would be totally exciting.

barbchuck said...

Thank you, Jeff and Mary, for being such a good host and hostess, especially when we ended up staying a whole extra day and night! I'll bet your poor cat was soooo happy to be able to roam the house again instead of spending every day in either your bedroom or the pantry! I love the new boutique in town and can't wait to see what they have when we come this summer!