Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Watching paint dry or star fish move

 Before I get to the starfish here is a picture of Jeff getting the staples removed from his new knee. Hurray!
 Last night I spent a long time at the office while the Roto Rooter guy ran a snake through the sewer line. So I entertained myself by watching my Gumby looking starfish crawl up the wall of the tank. He or she was actually pretty quick. 
 Check out the Urchin above him. 
 Maybe he is practicing for Dancing with the Stars. Clever aren't I? 


Garden of Egan said...

HA HA!!! Dancing with the STARS!!!

DId Jeff cry when the staples were taken out?

I wonder what the starfish thought of the weird human taking a picture of his ....underness.

MZ said...

I am glad that someone got my Dancing with the Stars comment. You are a sharp one Tauna.

Beth said...

You go Jeff! The star does have some exotic moves.