Sunday, October 03, 2010

Pulcallpa Peru

 The Ucayali river which is a tributary of the Amazon runs right by the town. It is dirty, muddy and busy. The boats we saw looked kind of sketchy. 
 We stepped out on this concrete platform that had what appeared to be sewer water running through it. Notice the buzzards in the background. They were everywhere. 
 The public restrooms. 
 The men we worked with are great people. 
 Jeff gives a picture to the local officials on every trip. 
 We were each given a beautiful wood carved plate as a thank you. 
 This is a view of Lima that we had not seen before. There is a man up on the cliff who is diving into the ocean. He then runs up to the road to collect money. He is very fast. 
 We went up on the pyramid in the middle of Lima. It has a great view of the city. 


Leslie said...

Love to see the different sights of the places you go. They are all so unique. Did you use the public restroom??

suzan said...

I am at a loss of words after reading the last post... the story of the orphan brought me to tears. How wonderful of you to take your cab driver to a nice lunch. he will remember that always. Thank you so much for taking the time to share these stories. I love to read them and to see your pictures. What a blessing you and Jeff are to the world.