Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beautiful day at the end of the season.

 Jeff decided to go back to work after two weeks this time. Unlike his first knee surgery we did not get out to have fun. So on his last day off we headed out for a ride with friends. We drove from Ashton over the Reclamation road to Flagg Ranch. It was deserted and beautiful. Everything was golden. Out in the lake above are two moose. 

 We stopped at String Lakes and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. 

Nothing like a nice ride in beautiful country with good friends. 
As often as we get to see the Teton Mountain Range it never ceases to amaze us. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We are lucky to have it in our back yard. 


MZB said...

Love to see the pictures of dad and Bart. Glad he is doing well with his new knees

Beth said...

Absolutely beautiful scenery. you are very lucky to have such beauty so close.