Monday, August 16, 2010

Raspberry time

 It is raspberry time in Rexburg. The best time of the year. 
 The berry pickers.
 The berry picking supervisor.
 This berry picker has trouble keeping her berries in the bucket. 
 This berry picker picked up a pet. It is sitting on his shoulder, he is trying hard not to scream in terror. 
 This berry picker ate all of his berries. 
 Berry picking did not wear them out. 
 After picking you have to make raspberry jam. Yum!
 The stirring crew. 
 Proud of the finished product. 
 Another beautiful Rexburg sunset one looking west and the other looking east. 


Garden of Egan said...

Gorgeous sunset pictures.

Looks like a lot of stickiness in Mary's kitchen!
What time was the homemade bread and jam?

Mounts Musings said...

I had to comment about the temple photos because Glenn and I were enjoying this view with Andy and I made the comment that this would make a great "temple photo" and that I was counting on you to get it. WOW, was I right or what!

Rachel R said...

Ahhhhhh. So sad we can't be berry pickers. I love the shot of Andy peeking through the bush. Eat some for us!