Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend in Seattle

 For the weekend we made a quick trip to Seattle. It was easy getting there, not so easy getting back home. 
In Seattle we went to an all day meeting and then had a fun day to look around Seattle. Jeff has always wanted to see the Boeing plant. It was pretty impressive. This is a plane they make from an old 747 to carry cargo. They cut the top off and add this huge new top. We saw them working on 747's and 787's which is a new plane not out yet. 
 After the tour we drove to Whidby Island. You have to get to it on a ferry. When we got on the ferry we were reminiscing about the last time we rode the ferry here. We were on a week long bike ride. Jeff accidentally flushed $300 down the toilet when it fell out of his bike shorts. I was sitting just like this when he told me we had no money left. I did not take it well. It was pre ATM machines. At least we had not used one yet. Funny now we live ATM to ATM. 
 Jeff waiting to drive the car back off the ferry. 
 It was a lovely drive across the Island. We stopped at a little place to eat that had the best Fish N Chips on earth. 
 Seattle is a fun place to visit but wouldn't want to live here. 
 We spent all day getting back to Rexburg. Our flight from SLC to IF was a nasty one. We got caught in a nasty storm. They closed the SLC airport after we were already on our plane. We waited the storm out on the plane. There were 60-70 mile per hour winds. Finally they let us take off and it was a roller coaster in the storm. When we got home it was raining hard. Shortly after the sun came out under the clouds and a magnificent rainbow came out. I grabbed the camera and barely had time to sneak in these shots. It was a very bright double rainbow but my lens would not let me catch it all. 

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Garden of Egan said...

You NEVER have normal flights.
Why do you fly?

Love the pictures. I didn't see the rainbow, I was too busy hiding from the rain.