Saturday, August 07, 2010

Last weekend of knee surgery recovery, dang back to reality

 We have spent the last three weeks recovering from Jeff's knee surgery. It has been rough. As in deciding everyday what fun thing to do today. He has not had any problems at all. He gets around better than ever. Friday we went to Yellowstone Park in the Corvette with a fun group of people. Jeppesen's, Siddoway's and Hegsted's. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. We saw that the car show would be in West Yellowstone on Saturday so we conned Andy, Isaac and Christian to back up with us to see it. It was pretty fun also. 
 They were filming an episode for Speed, a show about cars. 

 This delivery truck intrigued me. Might have to click on it to see the sign. 
 We decided to each choose our favorite car. Isaac and Christian chose this one at first. 
 Jeff really liked this one. It has a little soda counter trailer with it. 
 This was the group favorite. A beautiful orange with all the makings of a very fast car, including nitrous oxide in the trunk for a super speed boost. 

 These are Isaac and Christians favorite cars. 

 I spied this 1956 Ford pick up on the way out. Too late to get a great picture. Loved it. Notice the wooden bed has flames carved into it. 
 Another beautiful day. I loved the colors of this hanging flower basket as we walked back to the car. 
 As we drove out of West Yellowstone we saw a Mountain Man Rendezvous. So we stopped and checked out all the fun things there. 
 This Mountain Man showed us how to carve names in wood by sun through a magnifying glass burning the wood. 
 A Mountain Leprechaun?
 Every boy needs a bear trap. 

 So now it is back to work and reality. We have had so much fun while he "recovered". He is going back to work early. We are running out of fun things to do. Just Kidding, we could get used to this!


Leslie said...

I bet the boys LOVED that outing with grams and gramps. Looks so fun...wish we were there with you.

Garden of Egan said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Glad Jeff has gotten out and about.
Did they get a bear trap?

g.suzie said...

Looks like you had a fun day with the grandkids. . .I bet they loved it! Dr.Z is probably back on the job today. He is lucky he had his own private nurse, to help with the speedy recovery.