Wednesday, August 04, 2010

How to recover from a total knee operation

As everyone knows Jeff had a total knee surgery two weeks ago. He had been very miserable for a couple of years. So he finally got his new knee. It has been a breeze. He had it done two weeks ago and we have had more fun during his recovery than should be legal. Here are some of the things we did the last two days. Tonight we went boating with Tammy and Curtis on the South Fork. 

 Yesterday was Jeff's birthday and some of the nurses tracked him down in Physical therapy to bring him some goodies. 
 The one down side is when his therapist makes him bend the knee a little further everyday. Nope he does not like that. 
 116 degrees. He has to get to 125. 
 For his 60th birthday the kids decided that they wanted to do something special. So we are all going to go to Las Vegas for a weekend and see the Beatles Love show in September. So cool. He was excited when he opened the card. There is nothing that makes him happier than being with all the kids. 

Today we toured the new Madison High School and the new Conference Center at BYUI. He walked for hours and went up probably 6 flights of stairs and at one point had to come down about 9 flights. Two weeks post op. What a trouper. I however showed up in sandals. They said I had to have shoes on. One of the men with us said I could wear his heavy duty work boots. So I did. Laced em up and took off. They were very heavy but did the trick. Here we are up on the roof (nice boots huh?). The building is amazing. 
We are going to be sad to go back to work next week full time. I have to send Jeff back to work early as he is just doing too well. 
Tomorrow we are checking out the Ashton Dam project and a little more golf. 
This recovery after surgery stuff is tough. 


Rachel said...

Yeah Jeff! What a wonderful man to match the wonderful new knee. Glad you guys are having a ball. You deserve it. Can't wait for LOVE!!!!

MZB said...

Glad you are doing so well Dad! Now decided on a hotel and let us know so we can get it booked.

Leslie said...

LOVE the pic of Jeff on his birthday. It's a classic.