Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer is finally here in Rexburg!!!

Summer finally arrived in full force. Hot and sunny days with thunderstorms in the evenings that cool things down. We went to the Blue Angels a second day. They were that good. Good therapy for Jeff to get out of the house. 

 We have had a lot of smoke from the fires west of here. This evening there was a pink glow to everything. 
 As soon as the storms roll in I head for the front porch to sit and watch. I had my camera and played with catching the rain drops roll off of the leaves. 
 Jeff is recovering from his knee surgery so we get to do some fun things that we normally do not do. Christian came with us to golf. Jeff just drove the cart. Hard job but someone has to do it. 
 Gotta love airplanes landing next to the fairway. Christian and Mary on the green at the 7th hole. Christian did hit one ball over the fence onto the runway. We were hurrying to miss the storm you can see rolling in. 

 I have been working double time in my yard and it is looking pretty good. This morning I was out doing some serious makeovers in the yard. I took a few minutes to appreciate all the pretty flowers. These are wild geraniums. 

 I decided to try a Topsy Turvey this year and it looked hopeless. However it now has blossoms on it so maybe we will get some tomatoes after all. I will get the salad bowl ready just in case. 

 Leslie has been intrigued by the Tiger Lily's. They are pretty and so is she.  
 Tools of the trade. 
 I have to admit I am a maniac in my yard. I work like a mad woman, rearranging, weeding, pruning and taking down trees this year. The quakies have taken control of the yard so they are coming down. Six of them down and in the wood pile already.
The neighbors make fun of me at how I mow the lawn. They told me I should wear a helmet and goggles. So I did today. I love the flying grass blades in the picture. 


Garden of Egan said...

Looks like a ton of fun. I'll be sure to watch out for the Kamakazi lawn mower woman!
Beautiful flowers!

barbchuck said...


You have the most interesting blogs. I always check them out. Thanks for taking the time to do them.


Leslie said...

mom- you are a total nut job! did someone PAY you to put on the helmet and goggles?
and you're right, i love the tiger lilys. that plant is 3 times the size of me. spectacular!