Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just another snowstorm in April

Today we woke up once again to snow. Lately it has not been just snow but blizzards. The worst storms of the winter. Unfortunately it is not winter anymore. My friends had planned a lunch date in Jackson Hole. Some backed out due to the weather but four of us heck with the weather, we are going. So we did. We followed a snowplow most of the way. That saved the trip as it was really bad on Highway 33. By the time we got to Driggs the storm was not so bad so we went up the Jackson Pass. We made it safely to Jackson where there was no snow or storm and had a fun day eating a great lunch at Sweetwater and shopping. By time we headed back the storm had passed and the snow was melted off the road. Fun day! I love my friends. 


right brain blog said...

Hi Mary, I think you have the right idea, if you canceled plans everytime the weather was bad in Rexburg, you would never go anywhere!

barbchuck said...

Friends are a very basic part of our lives. They play an even more important part as we get older and our lives begin to quiet down. It is good to see the way you and the girls value these relationships. P.S. the snow pictures at this time of year are totally depressing. Come and visit us. It is supposed to be 78 degrees on Sunday.