Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter week in Rexburg

On Friday I drove by this house and fortunately had my camera with me. It tells a beautiful Easter weekend story. The yellow ribbons and flags told me that there were probably tears of joy in this house. Also notice the green grass and lack of snow compared to the pictures coming up. 

Leslie and Rachel came up for the weekend before Easter. Leslie and her girls stayed on until Wednesday. Edie was pretty excited about the Easter baskets we put together for the Grandkids. We have a cat that Leslie brought home about 15 years ago who is still happy to see her come visit. Some days we call her Leslie and some days we call her Creepy depending on the cats behavior. 

The kids all went home and on Friday a storm began to roll in. We woke up Saturday morning to a raging snow storm. The Rexburg Medical Center was opening soon so Jeff and I put on our winter clothes that we really did not get to wear due to the mild winter.  I love my gloves I bought which are little animals. 

My little animal gloves were not too sure about this shoveling task but they were helpful when I had to get out and scrape the windows off. (I already removed the snow scrapers from the cars). 
The snow came down so fast it covered the side walks back up again in minutes. Did I mention the 30 mile and hour winds and zero visibility on the roads. 
This road a block from my house was closed due to blowing and drifting snow. 
Three hours before this snow plow came out the roads were bare. 
The good news is the sun is out on this Easter morning. The snow is already melting. Happy Easter and Conference Sunday!


Leslie said...

Wow. Who would have thought it was April? We actually had the same weather here, atleast up in the mountains at the ski resort where we were at. It made it kindof fun being snowed in up there, though!!

And that darn kitty, she looks like she will never die!

Beth said...

Hey, it's ME. I did check in and as I type the snow is flying here in Farmington. I love the animal gloves, where ever did you find those cuties? It was fun to SEE you and Jeff and the Video Phone tonight. Thanks for being a great sis!

MZB said...

Happy Easter! are basket was recieved with happy squeels. Grace loved the movie.....

barbchuck said...

It's great to see the pics of Leslie and girls. Where is Rachel? I love your gloves! Are those from your travels? I can't believe the snow! It has been 72 degrees here, until today. It is supposed to rain tomorrow. We hope it does, because Lake Hogan is only filled to 40 percent and we are at the end of rainly season.