Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy 60th Birthday to a great group of friends

Last night we had a big birthday bash for all of our friends who will or have turned 60 this year. We had a blast! Old people should not be allowed to laugh so hard. 

 We had party games. Unfortunately we could not hang the pinata so we held it up and used a golf club to hit it. Need I say more than this shot by Judy Harding missed the pinata and struck her husband Gayle dead on. OUCH!
 We had great party food. Topped of by one of Charlene Walters yummy cakes. 
 No party is complete without party hats worn by the birthday folks. 


bBchronicles said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY-LOU!!!! Welcome to the over 60 club - come on in, it's a lot of fun! Looks like a fun party!

Leslie said...

Looks like a blast!

MZB said...

fun times for the 60th club. Dave Walters face is hilarious in the first picture.

Garden of Egan said...

Loved the pictures!

Great poses.

I think you are one jazzy chair away from a commercial for Lincoln Court Retirement Center!

Mary Z said...

Just to set you all straight. I am not one of the 60th birthday people. I have a couple of years left. Thanks though for thinking of me. HaHa.

Stephen Zollinger Family said...

You all have too much fun! What a great Idea!
Buy the way next emergency we are just going to knock on your door. These false alarms are killing us!!

g.suzie said...

Mary, I can only imagine what a crazy party you had. Some of those people at your party, are 'a party' unto themselves!!! I miss seeing Charlene W., she is such a gem. You are probably the youngster of the bunch aren't you?