Monday, March 29, 2010

Show time

It was fun weekend. Spring is nearly here. As you can see it came a little earlier to the folks across the street. He is mowing (you might have to enlarge the picture to see). I am still shoveling. 
Rachel and Leslie came to visit this weekend with their crews. The kids all had to do a "show" for us. They are all decked out in their Mom's once upon a time dance outfits. Too fun. Ella and Lily did some singing and there was lots of dancing. 
Isaac did a magic trick and made Lily disappear. 
Ava quietly observed from the couch and suddenly burst on the scene in wild abandon. 
Not sure what this was. Lots of kicking and laughing. 
Edie did a little crash and burn during her dance routine. We noticed this weekend that things are changing from little ones to bigger older kids. The little toy room under the stairs is starting to feel neglected. 


Leslie said...

What a funny (and excruciatingly long) performance. I remember doing those at every opportunity when I was their age! They make my old dance costumes look great...although it seems like just yesterday that I was wearing them.

barbchuck said...

What amazing memories these pictures bring! I always looked forward to the family productions, but my all time favorite was Leslie's striptease on the houseboat at Lake Powell.

suzan said...

I remember some of those costumes too!!! I have a whole box of old dance costumes, but no one to wear them :(