Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dominican Republic to New York

On Thursday morning we were able to go visit a hospital that was doing NRT training. It is so great to see what they are doing with the training and equipment. It is just what this is all about. Jeff helped them get their projector running. Seems like that is always a problem anywhere you go even at home. 
The course was in good hands. They had the students participating also which is so important to do. 
On our way to the airport I took this picture of a lady selling candy at the stop light. You can buy anything at the lights. You get bombarded with street vendors. We occasionally see something we need. They also wash your windows whether you want them washed or not. A couple of coins and you are on your way. Very young children are often out selling and washing also. 
We arrived in New York in a predicted blizzard. It took two attempts to land which I really hate. The wheels are down and you are tensely anticipating the landing in the storm when you hear the wheels pull up as the jet screams back into the sky. Then circling around in the storm trying to try again. Did I mention that I hate that. We made it safely and the Smiths were waiting for us. Here they are in front of their office. They are serving as Mission President of New York North. I say they because I have seen how much work Jill has to do also. We are proud of them. 
Friday was a snow day in New York. There was a massive amount of snow shutting the city down. That did not stop us Idahoans. We went out looking at the damage on all the trees. The heavy wet snow brought down many trees and limbs. Nearly every yard had some damage. Power lines also were down every where. 
We drove into downtown New York to go to dinner and a show. There was virtually no traffic. People were slogging through deep snow and slush. We joined them. It was actually kind of fun and pretty.
We went to the Lincoln Center after dinner and got to see South Pacific. It was really good. Richard scored some of the best seats in the theater. He also has a parking pass under the Manhatten Temple that made it really nice. It was just across the street from the theater. A perfect evening. 
Notice the bright colored purses. We went purse shopping at Nordstrom Rack and she talked me into getting a purple purse. I do love it. 
South Pacific Broadway Play


Leslie said...

NY is beautiful when it is blanketed in white! I love being in a big city in winter, it takes on such a different personality. Richard and Jill look great, what fun to get to see them! Another great trip.

MZB said...

Living it up in NYC. The headline could read LDS couple missionaries hit the streets. Good to see Richard & Jill. Love the purse....