Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dominican Republic friends and family

OK after we tagged along today on Missionary errands we headed to the beach. This little guy kept an eye on me sitting on the beach. We also stressed over returning to the USA. Our flight leaves tomorrow for New York. However it appears there will be a blizzard there tomorrow. We tried to change our tickets with no luck. So we are taking bets on what city we spend tomorrow night in. Our host (Richard) says he thinks we will make it to New York. We will see. 
Jeff bought a swim suit on the beach so he could do a little snorkeling. The guy he bought it from kept saying, just put it on here, nobody are on vacation. We said no we needed a private place to change and he finally said, "You are Mormons, aren't you?" He found a place to change and had fun in the surf. 
I however decided to pass on the swimsuit purchase. Someone had to keep an eye on our belongings. However Jeff took a few shots to prove that I spent an hour on the beach. Hard to believe tomorrow we will be battling weather. 
This morning we went with Elder and Sister Francom to a psychiatric hospital. Jeff is standing next to a donation that they helped get for them. We visited the Church offices also with them. It is fun to see all the people and Missionaries in action there. We came back to our Hotel to do some laundry and pack for tomorrows big adventure. We are going to stop on the way to the airport and watch some local people teaching an NRT course. That is what this is all about. 
Part of our Hotel is blocked off for the United Nations. They are dealing with the Haiti problems. We have seen people loading up equipment to head over there. There are many people in the world doing good for others. We are lucky to get to see some of it in action. 


Garden of Egan said...

Looks like you have had a good time. Nice nasty snowstorm here.


OK verification word:
I kid you not!!!
You should have bought one to wear in the ocean!!!!!

Peach said...

Looks so fun. We wish we were there!!! I was very jealous of all the snow New York got. I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!