Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A day on the Dominican Republic with Humanitarian Missionaries.

Yesterday we drove to San Juan to check out the area for our next NRT training. It was about 3 hours away. It is a pretty city in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. We went with two other couples. The Francom's (check out the banana loaded truck behind them) who are the Humanitarian Missionaries in the DR and the Lindsey's who just returned from Egypt as the Humanitarian Missionaries there. They were soon called to the DR to help with the Haiti projects. We had a great day visiting and meeting with people in San Juan. Above are the Francom's and below us are the Lindsey's. We stopped here to take pictures with the cool mile markers that were all along the highway into San Juan. Jeff and I decided to wear our LDS Charities shirts instead of the regular shirt and tie.

Arriving in San Juan was this cool mosaic park. It was completely mosaic. The walkway, benches, art, light posts as seen below. It was lovely. OK Rachel, get to work on Smith Park in Rexburg. 
This statue is standing on a rendition of the Dominican Republic Island done entirely in mosaic tiles. 
Below is a close up of the wall surrounding the park which represents waves and water. See the light post? Maybe click to see the mosaic work up close. 

OK, now to work. Jeff met with the Doctors about the course coming up in June. He then talked to them about the Haitian patients they have from the earthquake and what needs they have. 
On the way out of town we stopped at this beautiful Church. 
The Church is beautiful inside also. Lots of stained glass and paintings representing Dominican Republic.
We stopped at this roadside stand and I bought a mortar and pestle from them. They had all sizes of them. Look at the huge one on the ground. Today we are tagging along to a psychiatric hospital that they are helping. Followed by lunch on the beach. AHHH sun and sand. We are nervous about our return trip tomorrow into New York. Looks like another  blizzard is headed there tomorrow. Wonder where we will end up. Stay tuned. 
We have been faithfully watching the Olympics from down here. Very fun. Good job team USA and Johnny Spillane in the Nordic. Also all the others representing their countries. 


The Garden of Egan said...

Are those sandals I see on your feet? I'll try not to hate!
Freakin' cold here.

Looks like you are having a good time. I know you are busy but it's great that you can stop and smell the roses....or bananas!

Rachel said...

Awesome park! (Though I could do better) ;) Reminds me of my not too far distant destination...Parc Guell. Woohooo!

Maybe you are already gone, but if not grab a mortar & pestle for me. I've been wanting one.

Love you! Have fun in the city & have some cheesecake for me at whatever that place is we had the rad cheesecake...can't remember. Oh Moxi's?

Safe travels.

Dixie Burt said...

The architecture is amazing! What an interesting country, and lunch on the beach--sounds like heaven!

Mounts Musings said...

You are soooo lucky to have this great mission in life! It never ceases to amaze me what you continue to do, and how proud it makes me feel every time I read your blog!
Mary Ann