Monday, November 30, 2009

Huancavileca Peru

We are teaching in an old building that is really pretty. It is one of the prettiest settings we have taught in.
We did some of the practical stations outside even in the rain.
Here is our team of instructors. It is a good group. Above is Dr. Scott Witt from Duke University.
This is a beautiful city. High in the Andes. Last night we walked in the rain and I found the most beautiful scarves. They are hand made only here (the design).  I am going back today with my dinero.

Yesterday we traveled  from Lima to Huancavileca Peru by bus. It was a 12 hour ride over the Andes mountains. The views were often spectacular. It was raining much of the way. The roads were like driving over the Jackson Pass often for hours at a time. We passed a lot of mud and rock slides. I kept hoping we would not run into a spot where it was currently sliding. The good news is our drivers were very good and cautious. It seems that it was laundry day. Every village we drove through had a lot of wash tubs and clothes lines full of clothes. Above is a picture of a lady doing her laundry. I vowed to never complain again about doing the wash. If you click on it you can see her laundry room up close.

We passed so many people out working in the fields or tending their animals. It all appears to be peaceful. Although they do not have much I think there is a happiness that we do not experience. Life is not  as complicated. I missed so many great shots. Children and women tending sheep. Families out in their gardens eating together and working together.

The picture below is of the road we are on. Rain, fog and blind curves, and thousand foot drops. No worries. We all slept through much of it.


The Garden of Egan said...

Beautiful pictures, not sure about the bus ride over the Andes Mountains though.
Hope you have a great time.

Andy and Lynne said...

I am getting tingly feet just looking at that picture on the bus!!! looks worse than Bear Tooth Pass!