Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Off to Trujillo

I tried to upload some pictures but it takes too long. We leave in the morning at 5:30 for Lima. We are hoping it will take a little less than the 13 hours it took to get here. We need to be to the airport in Lima by 6 pm to catch the plane to Trujillo.

It rained again today. We are all frozen. Our shoes, skirts and the mens pants were soaked walking the block to where we were teaching. You just never get warm again. The sun did shine for a little bit. We walked around a few minutes and got some fun pictures.

They say it is warm and sunny in Trujillo, I sure hope they are right. Oh and the oxygen level will be more compatible with life. We all opted to skip dinner tonight. Food just sits in your belly like a rock when you are this high. So wish us well for the long haul tomorrow. Goodnight.


The Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like fun and games. Hopefully you will warm up AND get air to breath.

RobynE said...

Sure is lonely on this street. It's time for a walk Mary. Hope you have the strentgh to keep going. Take Care