Monday, November 16, 2009

Tunja to Bogota, Colombia

On Saturday we drove from Tunja Colombia back to Bogota. We decided to take a different way that would take us across the mountain (Andes). It was really pretty. Supposedly there was a little town that had fun shopping. It was a great find. It was really old and had so much character. I took lots of pictures in this city. I cannot remember the name but will add it when I remember. We were told that they filmed some of Zorro here.
Jeff bought a little bag from this lady. She crochets them. She is telling him how much money she needs from him.

There were so many fun little artisans shops we did not know where to begin. I looked into a little alley and it opened up into the most beautiful court yard full of little shops. It used to be an old home.

The streets are all cobble stone. Below are the Shipp's who are serving as Humanitarian missionaries. Also Jenny Smoot who was part of our team.

Jeff checking out the goods in one of the little shops. We found some treasures. I finished up my 12 days of Christmas shopping here. It is a tradition I have done my whole life. Now the 6 kids get a 12 days every year. It is fun to find things on our travels.

The wall hanging below caught my eye. It was so colorful.

In the center of town they were having a parade. It was a fun little surprise.

Such a cute place. We only had an hour but could have spent a whole day here.

Eric Welling one of the Docs with us tried to get me to eat some snot fruit. Jeff says it is really a persimmon. It is slimy looking stuff but I did finally give in. I actually liked it. It is however like slurping snot. We spent a lot of hours packed tightly into our van and he was playing with my camera.

Our next stop was the Sal Catedral (Salt Cathedral). We stopped and went into it. It is an old salt mine that they have turned into a working cathedral. Everything in it is carved from salt. It is very dark in         there, uneven floors and slippery. It was an amazing place. Here we are entering the tunnel.

Jeff and Jenny walking in the tunnels.

Here is one of the alters inside. The crosses are also carved and then lit up. You can see part of our team in front of it. Javier, Julio, Jeff, Mary and Jenny.

One of my favorite things is the nativity scene.

Below is one of the carved columns that hold the place up. This is a big cavern. Mary and Eric Welling standing in front of it.

I decided to check it out and see if it is really salt. (It is.)

The Shipp's were amazing to work with and did a great job putting everything for the course together. It was a great trip. We made it to Bogota in time to pick up our last souvenirs and have a great dinner. Then we headed to the airport for our 1:30 am flight back home. We arrived yesterday afternoon. Lynne had made a really amazing roast beef dinner that we devoured. I am unpacked and already packing for the next trip to Peru next week. I am having a little bit of anxiety about getting ready for Christmas.


The Garden of Egan said...

You slurped snot and licked a wall that has been licked by other snot slurpers! I'm gonna go back to bed, I think I'm sick.

bBchronicles said...

GREAT PICTURES and looks like a successful trip. Loved the little shops as well - those necklaces ROCK! Loved the nativity scene - pretty special.

Mary Z said...

Oh Tauna, when in Rome do as the Romans do!

Beth said...


Anonymous said...

Who is running the shop while you two are off seeing the world? If you have 12 days of Christmas done for 6 kids, it sounds like you are ahead of the game. Fun pictures, I'm glad you bring us along for the ride, so we can live vicariously through your camera lens! Take Care sj.

Raydar Love said...

i love the photo of you in front of the alter. such cool light. if it was just you & jeff i would frame it.