Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flower girls and one boy

Friday night the Clark kiddos came to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Z while their parents went to dinner. We had pizza, rootbeer, popcorn, cookies and chocolate milk.
It was a glorious evening so we took pictures amongst the flowers. Isaac and Christian ditched the picture taking session. They were on the computer I do believe.

Ava and Adalyn wanted to take pictures under the deck flowers. They thought it would be funny if it looked like they were holding them up. Adalyn looks like she has a flower hat on.

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Beth said...

Too cute for words. Jake looks like he's doing well...BIG BOY!

bBchronicles said...

Cute pics - aren't we having the most AMAZING late-summer evenings? The ONLY sad part - the sun is disappearing earlier and earlier! I could CRY! I guess I'll have to start waking up earlier and earlier!

Andy and Lynne said...

Super cute pictures! :) They absoblutly love going up to your house, ok, we all do, you and Jeff spoil us all!

Andy and Lynne said...

i hope you don't mind, I put them on Facebook.

Jonna said...

Cutest little ones ever! I've missed your blog, when I changed templates I lost my widgets again, even though I did all the "don't lose your widgets stuff!" Did you ride your bike to Boise? WOW.