Monday, September 14, 2009

Asuncion street scenes

We walked around a little and saw this guy selling fish. Pretty creative, he has them in plastic bottles. People stand in the streets selling just about anything you could want while stopped at red lights. I have some more pics for the next post.

This is sunrise over Asuncion Paraguay. Our room overlooks this park and the trees are blooming. Remember it is spring here.

In the park across from our Hotel we saw this girl selling herbs for different illnesses. She is bundling them up to sell. Look at that mortar and pestle. And below is a young boy maybe eight years old washing car windows at the red lights. We do not let our children cross the street alone and these kids are out working in them. Looks like his mother is out there also washing windows.

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Leslie said...

VERY interesting pictures mom! I love to see the world through your camera lens. Safe travels. Call when you arrive home!