Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday my way

I have been in need of a Saturday at home. One where I can do whatever I went. We have not been home for a Saturday for many weeks. We were supposed to fly to Argentina today but it was postponed for a couple of weeks. I am happy to be home instead. Today I did a perfect Saturday. I slept in and got up to a sun shiny day. Even my plants in the kitchen looked happy. Aren't they cute?
I have this tradition on Saturdays. I have hot chocolate and toast. Always! I learned to love this breakfast in India. We ate home made bread toasted and made hot chocolate while staying in Dharamsala, India. It was a true comfort meal. I love Saturday mornings. I never miss.
I spent hours playing around on the computer...uninterrupted. The sun beckoned so I called Robin next door. We went for a beautiful sunny walk. I also walked yesterday in the sun with Tauna. I am rejuvenated! Today the camera came along. Here are some of the fun things we saw along the way.
First is the snow. My brother Mike asked me last week if the snow was gone in Rexburg yet. HA!
Unfortunately my house faces north.

Here is the house across the street which faces south. This is just a tip to anyone contemplating a new house. Face it south. Notice who is raking grass and who is still shoveling snow.

One of our stops on the walk was at a friends house. Last fall I snuck my pet coy (fish) into her pond for the winter. Remember Spot the fish? Well I decided to check on him. The picture above is that pond. No I could not actually see the pond either. Oh Spot...hang in there. Spring will come soon. Actually these fish survive the frozen ponds sometimes. I will keep everyone posted on Spots survival story.

Here is a little creature ( I always watch for wild life) that was on the side of the road. Robin thought it was a sign that we need to get out walking more.

Finally we rode up to St. Anthony for a Chiz's meal. Nothing better.

Now that was a perfect Saturday.

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debbie said...

That makes me happy that you guys had a fun day at home! I don't know too many people who are gone as much or work as hard as you! It couldn't have been a more beautiful day...oh...loved the pig! This warmer weather helps me want to walk more! Have a great weekend!

Andy and Lynne said...

I used to always have toast and hot chocolate, it was my favorite breakfast. I'll have to start that up again, it sounds good...actually these days everything sounds good!! I am glad you had such a wonderful day, you deserve it!

The Garden of Egan said...

Looks like it was a very good day! I had a great time yesterday, it was fun to be outside.

About the snow in the front yard... have you ever thought of a blow dryer? Maybe that would help!

Raydar Love said...

my recollection of you on saturdays is that you always used to have popcorn & a pepsi for lunch.

nutrition... :)

Beth said...

Sounds like a perfect Saturday. Good for you to take a day just for YOU! What a difference across the street can make. That's pretty amazing.

Hugs and Kisses.

Clay Prince said...

Joanne MUST be feeling better, if she is ready to tackle the culinary Wall of China that is Chiz's!

MZB said...

The question is do you dunk your toast?
When are you heading to Argentina, I was thinking of popping over for spring break till I saw the snow drift.

Mary Z said...

I never dunk my toast. And yes I have had many a Saturday lunch that consisted of Popcorn and Pepsi. I should mention that Rachel used to snack on Crisco out of the can.
Do not be frightened of the is supposed to rain this week and it will disappear quickly.

RobynE said...

That pig was placed there just for us reminding what our walk has done for us in the past. We've got to get out of our hybernation period. Exercise outside is the best. Call again.

g.suzie said...

Looks like a great weekend, love, love, love a trip to Chiz's!!!

Jonna said...

I'm so glad you got a well deserved break on Saturday. I especially love the plant in the blue pot...what is it? Chiz's......My favorite place to eat! Finger steaks & shrimp....everytime!

barbchuck said...

We are relived to see that the Sutter Creek plant is surviving the winter. It looks twice as big, and I love the pot. Don't forget the Indian homemade yogurt we also had for breakfast. What a memorable vacation that was!