Sunday, March 08, 2009

Family ties

This weekend we trekked to Utah for Amber my niece's farewell. She is leaving for Helsinki Finland in a week to serve a mission there. We went down Friday night so we could catch up on family time. We had a lot of fun. Saturday night we all gathered at Little America. Unfortunately I did not get my camera out. The kids swam and we ate pizza and Cafe Rio by the pool. Grandpa Z is a favorite with the kids.

Andy and Jake met up. They have not seen each other in the last few years. When they were younger they were best cousins and friends. I reminded Andy's kids that when Andy and Jake got together it involved the fire department.

Beth and Mary, a couple of cute Grandma's!
Rachel, Leslie and Andy. See Grandma Jane above them?
Here are the next "kissin cousins"...Charlie and Elmo. They are due a couple of weeks apart.
We had a big crowd at the farewell party so celebrated the March birthdays. Leslie on the 9th, Beth the 11th, Chalene 16th, Mike 20th and more but they did not show for the party.
Jeff, Margot, Mary and Rachel.
The four little feigs, Pat, Mary, Beth and Mike.
We are now headed back to Idaho. Warm and sunny in Utah. We are passing Pocatello and it is snowing. Mike asked if our golf courses are open yet. I am going to post a picture of the snow still in front of my house.

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cmz^3 said...

Well Lynn, I look more than just 4 weeks ahead of you!!! Amber did a great job at church, I was glad to be there.It was fun to see everyone.

MZB said...

Looks like I missed a party. Great picture of you and your siblings, I know grandma jane is smiling down.

Raydar Love said...

Nice post. Good pics. Email me so, yo.

Beth said...

You're quick on this post, these pictures were taken about 4PM and you've got them posted before you are even home. Nice pictures, great day. Good to see everyone.
Hugs and kisses

Leslie said...

'Twas a lovely weekend. I'm not gonna lie, though, I'm EXHAUSTED! Love seeing the pics, I forgot to bring my camera! I had snow for a couple of hours on my drive home too, but made it safely!

Jonna said...

I love all the pictures Mary...especially the two pregnant bellies. It makes me laugh, when I think about the pregnancy wear, that we paraded around in! We wore you remember?

barbchuck said...

Thanks for posting so many pics of Amber's farewell party. We treasure each one of them and each one of you. How nice to see a pic of Jake and Andy together! Loved the pic of your three stars, Les, Rachel, and Andy. Wonderful picture of you four kids. We are going to print it out and put it in a frame.

suzan said...

That picture of the four little feigs is adorable! I'm sad I missed seeing all of you :(