Monday, March 16, 2009

Mary Had a Little Bear

Today we had a little visitor at the office. She is a two month old baby bear. So cute. I held her and took her around to see all of the patients and staff. She sucked my thumb like a pacifier and purred like a kitten. Hard to believe that soon she will look like the bear below. Jeff took the picture with the phone so the baby is a little blurry. 'Oh and this Saturday at Bear World you can go and get a picture taken with her or one of the other 10 bear cubs.

Here are two more bear pictures I took a couple of summers ago. Check out these cute cubs. Oh yea, we are sitting in the Corvette with the top down when we saw these bears up close.

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suzan said...

Ohhh, how cute! I wish I lived closer, my boys would LOVE that!

Berta said...

Lucky YOU! . . . you should have called me!

Beth said...

CUTE! Oh yeah, the little bear is cute too :)

Clay Prince said...

Are you sure that isn't a wolverine?