Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The first week of winter? Yikes!

We survived one of the worst storms I have seen in years. It snowed for three days, heavily Monday. Then the wind blew like crazy. This morning all east/west roads were closed. We were out and about when it hit and it was ferocious. Here are some pictures. The one above with the snow plow is kind of funny. Look at the man's face who just blew out his driveway and the plow is filling it back in. I had my camera in my lap. Do not turn me in. 
The snow is deep! The roads in town are full of snow and cars are stuck everywhere. They plowed it all into the middle of the road and then you had to drive across the piles. This picture is at the entrance to Porters store. So much snow!!!
This is the parking lot at the office. This mountain of snow is probably 15 feet deep. This is the snow from one storm. That is one of my new planted trees in the middle of it. The picture below was taken before the wind arrived. The yard lights have about a foot of snow on them. Isn't mother nature creative. I have not looked but I bet Mr. Wind knocked them down. 
The next storm is slated to arrive tomorrow. 
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Berta said...

Nice pictures, Mary Z!

SUZAN said...

wow, sounds like Targhee or Jackson is the place to be this year!!!

MZB said...

You are living in a SNOW GLOBE.

Clay Prince said...

That picture of the guy and the snowplow is priceless!