Thursday, December 25, 2008

A new twist on Christmas in 2008

What a day. We woke up to the forecast snow storm in progress. Lots of snow, I would say a foot of it blowing around. Shortly after getting out of the shower the power went out. So no hair dryer. Bad hair day. We opened our presents by lantern light and then ate candy for breakfast. 
After our sub nutritious breakfast we then headed out so Jeff could check on his patients in the hospital. The roads were treacherous and few cars were out. Check out the snow cat coming up the road. The only safe mode of travel today. It was headed to take care of the power outage. 
We went to check on Nell and dig out her front walk. We brought her home with us for some brunch once the power came back on at noon. Below is a pickup nearly buried in snow. 
And finally I think I am sick. I have the aches pretty bad. A repeat of what I had in Kauai earlier this month. Addy, Ava and I hit the couch and fell right to sleep. Matt, Chalene and Margot made it out and ventured up also. Everyone decided they better get home while the getting was good. 
They have now put up a warning that the storm that was to end tonight is now extended into tomorrow. They have added a warning I have never heard of. It is called a convergence that will potentially sock us with a deadly storm tonight. All I have to say is you may never see us again until April. Holy cow it is winter here. Can't wait to see the other snow bound bloggers and how they are doing. 
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MZB said...

Merry Christmas! I miss a good old snow storm when your snowed in!

the merriest said...

holy moly! that nap looks cozy & delicious. hope you can make it down tomorrow. i'd hate to wait to see you guys until april. but let's admit it, june isn't out of the question either in rexburg.

Beth said...

Just another story for your book someday. Enjoy the coziness. Merry Christmas