Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas scenes around the Burg

Christmas for me has gotten off to a slow start. This week I think I turned the corner. I am wrapping presents, I put up a tree, actually two. It has been snowing (and snowing and snowing). The weatherman goofed AGAIN. 
I got to chat with Santa yesterday. So we will see if he follows through. 
We went out see a live Nativity. The snow was falling and the show was so cute. A group of neighbors do it out in the country. There are live animals, sheep baahing, cows mooing, real manger even. Very nicely done. So I think I am up to Christmas finally. Bring it on ready or not. 

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Berta said...

There's no place like the "Burg" for Christmas! Love the nativity - tell me 'where'? I want to take the Grandkids!

What's with this 'switching over' to facebook? Give me the details! If you think we've had snow . . . just wait until tonight! ! ! ! The BIG one is coming.

Peace & joy!

MZB said...

Ron is looking more and more like SANTA

Mary Z said...

The Nativity is out in VBurton. They do it Monday and Sunday nights I hear. It is at 7 pm. I can give you directions. I can also find out if they are doing it for sure this week. They serve hot chocolate and donuts.
I decided to cave in and do face book. I am still learning the ropes. It can certtainly eat up more time which I do not have.

barbchuck said...

You seem to be having WAY too much fun on Santa's lap! What I am wondering is what he is doing with his left hand? The other ladies seem to be interested, too!