Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunrise , sunset

This morning I headed out for my early morning walk. I had to run back home and get the camera. The sun was coming up in a glorious manner. The sun rays were extended clear across the sky. Then tonight Rachel went out to see a sunset so I jumped into the car and a huge red ball of sun was just setting.

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Berta said...

I've thought many times of putting the sunrise and sunset in each blog entry and then fill in between with journaling from the day . . . kind of cool - each day would be so different! Beautiful fotos.

MZB said...

Nothing like a Hawaii Sunset.

MZB said...

I am not sure why I said hawaii, I meant Idaho. It had been a long day

Jonna said...

I also tried to take pictures last night & this morning, but without a big zoom's impossible.
Beautiful pictures...heck we don't need Hawaii!