Sunday, July 13, 2008

Flowers in July and one fish

Roses for our anniversary # 19
The flowers on my deck are doing quite well. I have the secret recipe down for growth.
My fish waving goodnight to me after I fed it. It's name is Spot and it lives in the pond out front.
The deck by night. It looks like a fairy land when the lights are on.
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Berta said...

Man! I'm lovin' your flowers ! ! ! This year we're 'flowerless' as we're not spending money on anything extra except getting out 'buns' out of debt! So, I'm having to get my 'flower-fix' through others - so, thanks for the 'fix'! Very, very pretty - I'm coming by tonight to kidnap your little fish - loving the wave! ! ! Happy Anniversary!?

SUZAN said...

Happy Anniversary!
I love your deck and flowers. It looks so peaceful! And spot is awfully cute :)

Jonna said...

Such pretty roses, and that deck filled with flowers is gorgeous! truly must have a green thumb. I also love the pretty little fish spot. Your house and yard are beautiful. My anniversary was last week....funny, I didn't seem to get any roses. Go figure??
I will be sure to show this post to Kenny tonight. LOL

Jay and Camille said...

OH my gosh your yard is so pretty! I think I have only been there during the winter and that was years ago, when Lynne and Andy were managing Carousel. When I have a house and we start landscaping, you are going to be in charge.

Grant said...

Beautiful! Happy Anniversary

CassParelli said...

Wow, that IS a fairyland! Gorgeous. I think the flowers look more fantastic than I've ever seen them, if that's possible? It was great seeing everyone over the 4th. I wish we could get together more often.

barbchuck said...

Mary, your flowers are just gorgeous! I was feeling so proud of mine, but they don't BEGIN to compare with your fairyland! Happy Anniversary!