Monday, December 26, 2016

The start to our trip that went around the world. First stop Shanghai

We started out on our trip to China and Russia. What fun to run into baby brother Pat at the airport in Salt Lake City. 
 We flew to Shanghai China out of San Francisco. It is a beautiful town. We had only one day there but gave us a good taste of the city. Fluffy got to go with us. She loved it. 
 The Bund

 There is so much to see. I loved the gardens and architecture. 

 Check out this outdoor laundromat. It is just along side of the street. 

 We visited a silk factory. It was actually pretty interesting. We saw them making silk quilts filled with strands of silk. We bought one and really do love sleeping under it. 

 The silk strands are stretched out on the quilt. 

 We spent the afternoon walking the streets of Shanghai seeing the sights. 

 This is one lucky doggie. 

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