Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Now on to Lake Powell and the Hole in the Rock.

No point in going back tot he Motel with daylight left. We decided to drive out to Hole int he Rock. This is on Lake Powell where the pioneers brought their wagons through from Lake Powell. It was an adventure ad we learned a lot about the pioneers. First stop was Dance Hall Rock. 

 We danced in the rock amphitheater. Looks like the pioneers had some fun in their time. 

 We saw where a group of scouts had been killed when the truck they were in rolled back and crashed. It is so far from anywhere that it had to be a horrific rescue. 
 We did not realize what a tough road this would be. Had to do a little off roading. 

 Lake Powell down beneath the Hole in the Rock. 

 I have been down there before so opted out of climbing down the trail. It has deteriorated a lot. It was nice to sit above and wait. 

 Cute trail markers with little covered wagons on them. It is the Pioneer trail. How rugged it is and  must have been for them. 
 Ready to roll out of Escalante. Kind of a funky little town. 

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