Thursday, December 08, 2016

Grandchildren Getaway to St George

The oldest Grandchildren are growing up. Grant graduates this year and is going on a mission in July. Ana and Christian graduate next year. We decided to run away with them and have some fun. We flew to St George and Ana flew to Las Vegas. We had a blast for four days. Of course Swigs is the first stop on any activity. Grant tried the Missionary drink. 
 We rode the big ride like the London Eye. Nice views on a hot day. 
 The big surprise was that we were going to see the Beatles Love show. We did LOVE it. It is a great show filled with all the Beatles hits. 
 Seriously it was a fun day! 
 We hung out and had some fun around the house. I saw this little mouse on the pool cleaner. Poor little guy. Ana went and rescued it. She put it out on the desert over the fence. What a story he has to tell his friends. 
 After a run to Costco to buy water shoes we drove up to Kannarra Falls and did a fun hike. You get to do a little slot canyon and hike in water part way. It was just the right length of a hike. Very beautiful. Only thing is that it was very crowded with other hikers. 

 These boys slurped these monster waffles right down. Now that is a breakfast to remember. 
 Snow Canyon never lets us down. Everyone is photogenic with this back drop. We did a little hiking and we did a lot of posing. 

 You just can't beat a day on the deck with your devices. 
 Every night we had a round or two of SCUM. It got a little crazy. In fact one night we laughed our heads off. So fun. 
 All good things come to an end. We dropped the boys off at the airport and then drove Ana back to Las Vegas. So sad to see them all go back home. 
 What a fun time we had when we ran away with the Grand kids!

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