Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Coyote Gulch is one of the best hikes I have done

Our trip into Coyote Gulch started in the Hotel. We had to get every ones packs adjusted. Shan had a very interesting pack. 
 Here is where we parked the car. Not much going on out here. Do you see those ominous clouds in the background? They made us nervous. 
 Everyone ready to start. It was warm but not too bad. 
 I spy a dinosaur in the back of this pack. 

 Here is a our lunch spot about one hour into the hike. We hiked down a dry wash. These were the first trees. 
 We turned and headed down towards the gulch. How do you get around a big downed tree? 
 Every step got prettier. We did have a few tense moments trying to decide if the threat of rain was really a threat. Slot canyons and storms can be deadly. 
Trail markers at the beginning of Coyote Gulch.

 We followed the creek. Not hard to know where to go once you get there. 

 My glamour shot. 
 This is why you get nervous of storms. Debris from a flood in the canyon. 

We stopped to rest here for a while. I had to take time to reset my heart rhythm. Sigh.
Our first view of Joseph Hamblins Arch. So far we have not seen a single soul down here. That means we get to camp wherever we want to. 

Camp was set up. It sprinkled a little on us. It is a nice temperature. Quiet and peaceful. We lounged around and had dinner. After dinner we visited and had scriptures and prayer. Off to bed 
My little home for the trip. I should say Kathy and I slept in here. 

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