Thursday, October 06, 2016

Disneyland with the Clark's and the Hurst's. It was very warm and very crowded being spring break. It was also very fun. The teacups were wild with these kids. They had me spinning.
 Look who came with us. Fluffy met Mickey. 

 We rode on the river and the kids made sure that I got soaked. Good thing it was a hot day. 
 Lynne is expecting baby number 6. She was a trouper and came even though she has been very sick. She rode around in a motor wheel chair. It sometimes got us to the front of the line. 
 We all flew to St George after a couple of days at Disney Land. It was beautiful weather and we had a nice time. Winter is nearly over. This was a nice winter break. 
 Can't wait to meet the little guy who came with us to Disneyland. 

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