Thursday, October 06, 2016

A little more winter fun

I found this fabulous copper topped table that was made in Mexico. 
 Fluffy spent Valentines Day in St George. We had a nice weekend. 
 Edie took to flying in her dance class. Such a beautiful leap she took. 
 All of these years we have been going to Chiz. Sometimes every week. It was such a sad day when they decided to close their doors. We made our last trip to Chiz on a cold winter day. We will always miss this place. Where everyone knows your name!
 Mitch and Leslie moved the lab into a new building close to home. Fluffy liked seeing all the things they do there. 
 Ducks moved into the pool. I thought they were cute until I saw what a mess they can make. I mean the mess they do make. Luckily we bought a whirly thing to put up in the yard and they moved to the neighbors pool just in time to have 12 little ducklings. 

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