Saturday, January 02, 2016

Fluffy gets to go to Argentina to help teach NRT in September 2015

Fluffy comes home with us. She settles right in finding the grand kids toys are just her size. 
We are teaching four NRT courses in Argentina. It will be a two week trip. 

When we arrived in Buenos Aires we had a day to look around. First stop was Tortoni's for Churros and Chocolate. We also had these little quail eggs. 
Doing four courses we traveled all over southern Argentina. Bahia Blanca, Nuequein, Bariloche and Comodora Rivadavia. Each was lovely and fun. It was winter so it was pretty cold in most of the places. On our way to Bariloche we did a 12 hour drive and drove around the 7 lakes area. So beautiful. Another lake around every corner. 
 The Casa Rosada. 

Dr Gary Wold and his wife came with us. He is now the area Doctor. Carolina was so fun showing us all the sights along the way. She is with the Ministry of Health. 

 We saw and did so many things on this trip. We had good courses in each city. The food was excellent. We ate media lunas until we were ready to explode. Maybe one of the best things I have ever eaten. 

 Driving to Bariloche we passed by this sign. It was a Fluffy dream come true. We stopped at the dinosaur park for some fun pictures. Who would have guessed 

 There is no better hot chocolate then in Argentina. 
 The trees had been crocheted around. Bariloche was the place we always wanted to go to. It was amazingly beautiful. It is a ski town on a lake. There were lots of skiers around. It is a place we would love to go back to and relax. 

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